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What is Digitote?

How can Digitote benefit me as an Influencer?

What advantages does Digitote offer Talent Managers?

Is Digitote suitable for other industries besides influencer marketing?

How does Digitote improve collaboration between Influencers and Talent Managers?

Can I integrate Digitote with other software or tools?

Is Digitote's data secure and compliant with privacy regulations?

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What pricing options are available for Digitote?

Can Digitote help me track payments and invoices?

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Is Digitote suitable for both individual influencers and talent management agencies?

Can I request customizations or additional features for Digitote?

Can I collaborate with multiple influencers and manage different campaigns within Digitote?

How do I cancel my Digitote subscription, and is there a cancellation fee?

Is there a mobile app for Digitote?

What types of payment methods does Digitote accept for subscription plans?

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan as my needs change?